Gobi Dasu, LD Talent

“What I liked about Katherine’s advice was that she went deep into our business very quickly. She addressed specific slides around our business model, our traction, our ordering of slides, the design of the way communicate, and also prioritization of information. What was really strong about her approach was that she asked questions about things she needed more information on, and only judged our business after having full information.

I think she highlighted both strengths and concerns at the same time which is really important for building good relationship with entrepreneurs in the long run, which in turn is important for any VC. Finally, she gave me a clear answer as to where she stands on her perspective of our business which I think is also important.”

-Gobi Dasu, LD Talent. Check out Gobi’s startup here or search this URL: https://www.ldtalentwork.com/

Tanner Aliff, FaciliCare

“Coming up with ideas is easy. But gathering the right team to turn those ideas into reality is entirely another story. 

“It was so refreshing to talk to Katherine and get her input on my start-up idea, FaciliCare. My profession of working in health policy made it easy for me to identify holes in the health insurance and third-party human resources market, but I didn’t know a lick about how to price a service, the most optimal way to create a revenue stream, and deciding what things ought to be automated. The truth is that there is seldom a time when one person will know all the answers to the questions that get posed throughout creating a venture. Katherine’s and Strategic Advisors’ expertise came through by helping me identify lingering holes in my model and then sitting down to tease out strategies to address those lapses. It was great to have more than a sounding board, but a partner who was willing to work out the fine details that could ultimately be the difference between success and failure. It felt like I was talking to an advocate who wanted me to get a step closer to making my vision a reality. “

Brian Kelleher, MicroDoc

“Working with Katherine is a great experience. She helped me craft a business plan and financial model. Prior to speaking with Katherine, I hadn’t been sure how to approach creating a financial model, but with her guidance, it became so much easier.”

-Brian Kelleher, Founder of MicroDoc. Check out Brian’s startup here or with at URL: https://beta.microdoc.io/

Ramya Ayyagari and Rhea Mitr, Biotech Startup

“Katherine provided really helpful feedback on our pitch deck and idea and gave us helpful advice on next steps to take. We really appreciate her insights!”

  • Ramya Ayyagari and Rhea Mitr

Tom Pritsky, TranscribeGlass

“Katherine has been a strong asset to our marketing strategy. Initially, Katherine joined our team pro bono through a grant but rapidly transitioned to a contractual role given her passion for the product and strong alignment with the team

Since joining, she’s helped us meet important milestones, compiling and targeting key strategic partners essential for scaling our company. Notably, she initiated a conversation with a leading Cinema chain, as a potential accommodation for their theaters. She also took the lead on negotiating relationships with international distributors, including UK’s largest accommodation device distributor. As a direct result of her work, we are in the process of finalizing an LOI with a leading Italian accommodations distributor.

Beyond her skills, know-how and passion, Katherine’s such a pleasure to work with. Our strategic partners enjoy meeting and connecting with her, and in our one on one’s Katherine is always willing to provide ideas but also cognizant of my thoughts. “

Tom Pritsky, CEO of TranscribeGlass

Ryan Hawkos, Deputy Director at VX Technologies

I am writing to express our gratitude for the valuable support Katherine Silk provided to our company, VX Technologies. When we sought help with our pricing strategy, Katherine stepped in and offered her expertise and her contributions were extremely helpful. Katherine’s insights and strategic direction played a significant role in helping us make informed pricing decisions, contributing to our business growth. She listened attentively to our complex pricing needs and ensured that our collaboration was productive and tailored to our specific needs. Throughout our time working together, Katherine displayed professionalism and a genuine interest in our company’s success. We appreciate her assistance and can confidently recommend Katherine Silk to any organization in need of pricing strategy expertise. Thank you, Katherine, for your support and dedication.

-Ryan Hawkos, VX Technologies